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More About Mama Bears Radio Show...

Since July 2021, the Mama Bears Radio Show has aired on local station AM 1080 KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. Kristin Hurley, “The New Normal” challenges prevailing media narratives, and encourages listeners to stand strong in the culture wars, reject tyranny, defend the family and fight for the restoration of America. This show remains a favorite of Central Coast listeners - the common sense "silent majority" who want their country back.

Don’t cross the California Mama Bears! We’ve stood complacent while our state has been taxed, regulated, ransacked, burned down, and corrupted all these years. But now they’re messing with our kids.... and we are an army with our claws out! This show is the story of my personal journey from sitting on the sidelines to becoming an active participant of We The People who will take California (and America) back. Do you have that sinking feeling that things are not right in the world? Do you worry for your children’s or grandchildren’s futures? Do you want to take part in restraining and restoring our state but don’t know what to do? Tune in to Mama Bears Radio and join the sleuth of Mama (and Papa) Bears who are taking matters into our own claws!